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Ivan Santini

On July 2018 Ivan singed for RSC Anderlecht, contract expires at 30.06.2021. His main position is Centre-Forward. He was player of the year of Croatian national league at season 2010/2011, Belgian cup winner in 2016 and a part of Croatian national team in 2017. Current Market Value acording to tranfermarkt of Ivan is: 3,50 Mill. €.

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David Mištrafović

David Mištrafović was born on May 25, 2001 in Lucerne, as well as the other three children of Željko and Ankica. He made the first football pitch at Emmen for five years, where he played for juniors until his 10th year. During a match against FC Luzern, where he scored more goals, he was spotted by scout Peter Hauser. One probing training was enough to recognize David’s potential and he moved to the FC Luzern junior, where he offered me an ideal opportunity to train and attend the Sportschule Kriens. Training and training continued at the Pilatus Academy for Young Talents.

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