Professional football agency

Green Field agency

Is an football agency based in Switzerland for recognition, counseling and placement football talents
in professional clubs around the world.

With long lasting and dedicated work, our team has made remarkable results in the world of football transfers and has provided opportunities for many players to grow, advance and develop.

By detailed analysis and studying potencial client, a team created by top experts sets the foundation for working with athletes offering them professional care, protection, consultation and other benefits necessary for the realization of potential transfer and development at a higher professional level.

Our work

We base our work on trust as the first and most important determinant of success. With guidance and advice, the professional team “opens the door” to professional football for every individual who remains committed to working on the path of development and progress.

With a detailed analysis professional scouting agency carefully selects talents that have on their disposition available both football and athletic coaches and follows the individual’s wishes (according to his capabilities) agents find a particular club for affirming a client in a professional player and track further his work trough his professional career.

Apart from recognizing talents, the agency also deals with transfers of allready affirmed professional players

Our team

Tomislav Puljić


Ivica Šarić

Team Scout

Marko Dević


“Talent is just a prerequisite; success is all about hard work”

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